Healthy green smoothie in a glass to help get rid of wrinkles & keep skin clear & glowing with spinach, avocado & chia seeds

Anti-ageing Green Smoothie

Sure, pineapples are great in a pina colada, but did you know that your favourite tropical fruit works wonders for your skin too? This Green Bea...

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Healthy Raw Jam Doughnut energy balls made of plant based ingredients

Jam Doughnut Energy Balls

These delicious energy balls are not only protein packed but also help build and protect collagen. This recipe comes from @ellefrizzell, nutriti...

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Small heart shaped vegan cookies made with collagen boosting superfoods

Vegan Collagen Hearts

We love this gorgeous recipe from one of our beautiful customers, and her creative way of combining a range of skin-boosting nutr...

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Healthy vegan strawberry ice cream in a bowl on a white background to help increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles

Skin-firming Nicecream

Looking for a skin-nourishing summer treat? Look no further! This delicious collagen-boosting nicecream is packed with skin-firming fl...

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Healthy strawberry smoothie with collagen boosting antioxidants in a glass on a table

Collagen Boosting Smoothie

This collagen-boosting smoothie is not only quick and easy to make but also low in calories. I usually whip this smoothie up in the morning an...

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