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No hocus pocus, we use cutting edge science. Our blends are tested by Eurofins laboratories and our claims are validated by the EU

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28 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Scientifically formulated for results with 100% natural ingredients

Why choose us?

We are incredibly passionate about good nutrition and debunking the myths around the beauty and fitness industry which is rife with ‘miracle solutions’ and ‘magic pills’. We believe in the power of natural coupled with the discipline of science to create measurable results which last AND nurture your body. The beauty industry is largely unregulated and we want to help women understand what they are putting in their bodies and the power of natural alternatives for shorter term results and long term health.

Get your best ever skin

Skin cream can only do so much as it can’t penetrate to the lower layers of your skin which form the foundation of skin health and structure. Beauty Booster (c) has been validated by the EU to help stimulate your body’s own natural production of collagen which gives your skin its structure (hello contour!) and firmness. 

Get the results you’ve been working hard for with a Green Protein Powder

It can be virtually impossible to build muscle without having an adequate supply of protein in your diet. Working out may help you lose weight but won’t help you get lean definition without addressing your nutrition. Bondi Body is a revolutionary green protein powder which boosts your metabolism and energy with natural superfoods as well as providing a 10g of lean plant based protein per serve

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