Does Vegan Collagen Work?

Plants have come to power (literally) in recent years as soy, tofu and almonds take centre stage in restaurant menus these days. However, swapping your morning coffee for a hazelnut milk latte (or whatever new nut they’re milking these days) is much easier than finding a vegan collagen supplement that actually promises visible results.

Collagen is a structural protein found in the skin and connective tissues of animals and traditional collagen supplements relied on extracting collagen from fish skins (hence marine collagen) and beef hides (for bovine collagen), so it’s not odd to think: is vegan collagen a thing?

However, you shouldn’t (at least we don’t think you shouldn't) have to sacrifice your plant based lifestyle to keep your joints healthy and your skin plump and glowing. Thankfully, plant based collagen builders are on the rise with evidence of helping you smoothen your skin in a clean, cruelty free, vegan collagen supplement.



vegan collagen in a breakfast bowl wvegan collagen breakfast of oats and berries in a bowl with vegan collagen powderith berries

What is Vegan Collagen

Vegan collagen sources are a combination of plant based superfoods and protein that provide your body with the building blocks required to help it build its own human collagen. It’s a common misconception that plant collagen consists of ‘vegan collagen peptides’.


Unfortunately collagen is an animal thing, so the protein can’t be found in plants. However, your body is a powerhouse for making collagen, in fact for the first 20 years, you make buckets of the stuff. It’s only when we age, that we produce less and less collagen causing everything from unhealthy joints and brittle nails to sagging skin and hair loss.


Additionally, the 4 main ingredients required to build collagen, namely amino acids, zinc, vitamin C and copper are available in spades in plant based foods. So providing your body with the complete nutrient profile to build collagen, will essentially increase the amount of collagen you produce, and this is how vegan collagen boosters work.


Several studies have established that superfoods, primarily those rich in vitamin C, were able to induce collagen production in those that ingested it at a statistically significant level.


Additionally, several superfoods have specific combinations of nutrients and minerals that are able to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkle depth in their own right. So, not only do plant based superfoods help boost collagen production, they can also improve the health of your skin through their own nutrients. 




Do Vegan Collagen Supplements Work? 

So, now you know how a vegan collagen supplement works, you need to ask the all important question: does vegan collagen actually work? Fortunately, the answer here is yes!! While I could talk you through the numerous studies that have proven the efficacy of collagen for vegans, I think it’s better if I show you. They say a picture is worth 1000 words (but I value your time so I’ll cue the images): 

Benefits of Vegan Collagen

You now know that the answers to: is vegan collagen effective? And is collagen vegan friendly? is YES! But it doesn’t stop there. Plant based collagen powder has the ability to do much more than just build collagen.


Plant based foods are packed full of antioxidants that function as your skin’s first line defence against toxic free radicals in your skin. Free radicals are produced as a consequence of pollution, age and mostly from spending (a little too much) time in the sun without protection (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this). Opting for plant based collagen boosters not only helps boost your collagen production but can help protect collagen degradation, increasing your total collagen quota, a feature most animal based collagen builders don’t have.


Secondly, bovine and marine collagen supplements are usually heavily processed, causing them to be stripped of any other nutrients they may possess. Plant collagen supplements are usually minimally processed, so the vitamins and minerals they have are sourced from wholefoods that have been scientifically proven to help increase collagen production more than their synthetic counterparts.



vegan collagen with berries and a book on a bed

Plant based nutrients can also strengthen your muscles and bones, your immune system and can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep (there’s many more where that came from, but you get the idea).


Not to mention, the raw ingredients found in the vegan collagen actually taste great so there is no need to add any fillers, flavours or sugars into the mix that have been found to potentially worsen the health of your skin.


So to round up, Vegan Collagen:


  • Is packed full of antioxidants to help protect existing collagen while building new collagen

  • Contains wholefood vitamins that are more bioavailable and more effective than synthetic vitamins

  • Does more than build collagen by holistically improving the health of your whole body

  • Tastes great naturally without any added sugars or flavours

The Best Vegan Collagen Supplement

You now know that there is a completely plant based solution that can help your skin stay youthful and supple without having to resort to eating the unappealing innards of animals (trust me I was grateful too!) and you finally have the answer to: does vegan collagen really work?


I mean, seeing that you have to break down the animal collagen to make your own human collagen anyway, why not just skip to the end and build collagen directly to get your results faster (with the added bonus of not having to gag through raw fish skins - winning!).


But it’s natural that you’d want the best of the best, even if you chose to go with a vegan collagen supplement. So, what if I told you that hidden between the swarm of collagen supplements there lived a plant based collagen supplement that can help keep your skin youthful, that can nourish your hair, nails and joints to health, that doesn't contain a single additive, that was 28 times more sustainably produced than marine or bovine collagen, that boasts 3 beauty award titles to its name, has over 900 5 star reviews aaaaaand (most importantly), that works to get you visible results in as little as 4 weeks?


Well Raw Beauty Lab’s Vegan Collagen supplement UK rings true to all of these qualities. Not only are they more sustainable than most animal forms of collagen, they also help reduce the little environmental impact they have by producing an entirely plastic free product and by planting a tree with every single pack of vegan collagen you buy!


Find out more about Raw Beauty Lab’s award winning Vegan Collagen supplement below: