Supporting Women's
Beauty AND Wellness

Because why shouldn't we be able to do both!


My family and I have always been relatively interested in organic food and natural options but it was not something that we ever pursued wholeheartedly. This all changed when my Mother was diagnosed with a long-term disease that may have been induced by exposure to round-up and pesticides in food! Shocked, we began researching not just the foods we eat but also the cosmetics we had been using on our skin.

We soon discovered that cosmetics brands can claim to be 'natural' even if they contain only 10% natural ingredients! Appalled by the level of consumer deception and 'hocus pocus' solutions that weren't based on any real science we decided to create our own line of cosmetics which could boost beauty and wellness simultaneously.

The world around us offers us so much inspiration. Plant-based antioxidants offer us the promise of repairing and rejuvenating skin as well as even reversing the visible signs of ageing! Natural antioxidants have also been proven by science to have an incredible impact on both our short and long term health.

We hope more women can benefit from our 100% natural inner and outer beauty products to support skin and wellness and allow more people to embrace their #rawbeauty