5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Drinking Water

Despite being told time and again about benefits of drinking water, most people struggle to get through even a litre of water each day. And you’re probably thinking what’s the big deal? The latest science shows that drinking 2 litres of water a day could be the secret to keeping younger looking skin for longer and boosting overall mental health. Water is everywhere, it’s in rivers, glaciers, ice caps, water vapour, as moisture in the soil, in you, and even in your dog! If you’re looking for a reason to become a hydration junkie, you’ve come to the right place. Grab a bottle and read on about the benefits of hydration below!

What does water do for the body?

The answer to this question could go on pages, but I’ve narrowed the list down to 5 key benefits of drinking water and why you should be gulping down your gallons!

Benefits of cucumber water

1. Helps to Remove Toxins

Water is the elected medium your body has chosen to remove toxins and waste products from your body. Your cells work tirelessly performing metabolic reactions to keep you living and breathing - a consequence of which are waste products.

 Be it through sweat, tears or your daily trips to the bathroom, without water, your body will continue to hold onto these waste products resulting in dull, dehydrated skin, acne and premature wrinkles! The beauty benefits of hydrated skin is a clear, naturally glowing complexion. Think about how good you feel after washing your face? Drinking water is like washing your face from the inside!

If you really want to detox the body, add in a squeeze of lemon and experience the benefits of lemon water for skin such as fewer breakouts and youthful looking skin!

2. Helps You to Stay Energized

Ever find yourself looking for that morning buzz or reaching for more coffee to get you through the afternoon slump? One of the benefits of drinking a lot of water is it’s ability to help you stay energised.

You’ll be glad to know there’s a healthier (and not to mention cheaper) alternative that will not only increase your energy but actually improve brain function. Studies ranging from children to adults have all suggested that even mild dehydration (losing 1-3% of water in body weight) can result in memory impairment and lower concentration levels. Try swapping out your morning coffee for a generous helping of water to reap all the benefits of drinking water in the morning.

skin drink to help water hydrate your skin

3. Hydrates your skin

As I’ve mentioned before, the body doesn’t consider the skin to be a priority organ when it comes to water and nutrient supply. The skin is just supplied with the minimum amount of water required to allow it to continue operating. Although it may be adequate for survival, it can cause dehydrated skin which will appear dull, itchy or flaky, have increased sensitivity, and most importantly, it will accelerate fine line and wrinkle formation.

Thankfully however, you can bypass this by providing your body with a surplus of water (i.e. drinking it throughout the day, even when you're not exactly thirsty). The body will recognise the surplus and distribute it to the ‘lower priority’ localities in your body, making it a skin drink, helping your skin remain hydrated and provide optimal conditions for collagen production! 

Wondering how long does it take for water to clear the skin or does water help acne? Water can work miracles overnight if paired with the right diet and skincare. But like all things, it you stay consistent with your 2 litres of water a day, you could see benefits of drinking water for skin within a couple of weeks. 

 4. Can help you to lose weight

Your body is smart, but sometimes it can interpret things incorrectly – a common example being when you confuse thirst for hunger (I mean any excuse for having a chocolate bar right?).

woman smiling at the camera wondering does drinking water help with acne

5. Boosts Your Mood

Drinking water benefits your entire body, but habitually drinking water throughout the day has been scientifically proven to prevent feelings of confusion, tension and depression by reducing your bodies unconscious fight-or-flight response and preventing a state of constant low-level stress.

Several studies have indicated that drinking 500 ml of water before meals can help you satiate your hunger and prevent you over eating. One study showed that individuals who drank 500 ml of water half an hour before meals over a 6-week period lost 44% more weight than those who didn’t drink water. Drink your way to washboard abs – I mean they are made in the kitchen, right?

Being healthy couldn’t get any easier than drinking 2 litres of water a day. Your physical and emotional health will love you for it! Tell us what your daily water drinking goals are in the comments below or on our socials @rawbeautylab. If you struggle to drink water, check out this blog on how to drink more.

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