Harness The Power of Plants To
Boost Beauty And Wellness

"There is a reason why celebrities' anti-ageing secret
is eat well and drink plenty of water. The nutrients
within specific plant-based compounds could be
the best way of maintaining youthful skin, longer"

Slay your Beauty Regime..with plants?

Can we actually eat ourselves beautiful? The growing area of nutricosmetics says yes! Nutricosmetics are specially formulated nutritional supplements designed to support your skin from within and according to leading skincare experts, 'nutricosmetics' can provide faster and more effective results which encompass both beauty as well as whole-of-body wellness.

Why you should eat your skincare

The reason inner beauty supplements may actually be more powerful than topical alternatives that you slather on top of your skin, is because your skin consists of two layers. Skin creams and serums can only penetrate the very top layer of your skin. The bad news is that wrinkles have been found to form in the lower, thicker layer of your skin where topical creams simply can't reach. The only way to reach this layer is from within - either via your diet or via supplements.

Why choose plants over lab-made vitamins

It can be tough to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from our diets which is why many people turn to multivitamins. However these may not be as beneficial as people have been led to believe. One of the most common misconceptions are that vitamins are 'natural', when in fact the majority of vitamins are actually synthetically made within a lab. Whilst synthetic nutrients are almost chemically identical to those found in food, the production process of synthetic nutrients is very different to the way plants and animals create them. So despite having a similar structure, your body may react differently to synthetic nutrients. For example, studies show that natural vitamin E (ie from avocados) is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E.

The best way of supporting your beauty and your wellness is from the wholefood matrix, where scientists have found it is the synergistic effects of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and bioflavanoids that enhance the effect of vitamins within the body.

The anti-ageing power of whole plants

Wholefoods, plants and botanicals have been proven by a number of studies to have a significant impact on the visible signs of ageing from their synergistic effects. Benefits include;

  • Plant-based flavanoids which help to support the skin's ceramide layer to boost skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Antioxidants to help provide the building blocks for collagen production to improve skin firmness, tautness and smootheness
  • Polyphenols, such as naringenin, help to protect collagen and inhibit its breakdown


So the next time you're looking for a multi-vitamin or supplement to support your skin health or even your overall wellness, look for one which is based on a wholefood or the plant matrix. An easy way to tell if the packet indicates "100% pure plants". If the ingredients list specifically mention vitamins by name or include ascorbic acid, its a safe bet that it was made by a lab and not by nature.



Why choose Vegan Collagen?

Wholefood Matrix
100% made by nature.
Benefit from the wholefood matrix

Plant based vitamins
Proven to support your skin and wellness with nature's best anti-ageing ingredients

Scientifically proven
Proven to build and protect collagen to help firm, smooth and plump skin