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Revolutionary Plant Based Formula

Vegan Collagen


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Support your skin’s collagen without resorting to animal products or harmful synthetic ingredients

Proven by the EU to support your body’s own production of collagen within your skin

✔ Premium plant based ingredients to smooth fine lines, firm skin and protect skin at the cellular level from the precursors of ageing

Get visible results in as little as 28 days

Simple, delicious and easy. Our customers love the fresh, natural raspberry taste

Supports beauty AND wellness – because why shouldn’t you be able to do BOTH!


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"In just 30 seconds a day you can transform your skin and your wellness"


Serums and creams are unable to reach the lower layer of your skin (the molecular weight is typically too high to penetrate through to your dermis). This is the major problem with most skincare routines. Your lower layer of skin (the dermis) is where 70% of your skin's collagen is found and is what provides your skin with its form, structure, tone and radiance. But most beauty routines fail to target over 70% of what supports your skin's youthfulness!

Your skin is a living, breathing organ, something the beauty industry often forgets! The best way to target the lower layer of your skin is from within. Vegan Collagen has been scientifically proven by the EU to support your skin's own production of collagen.

Latest scientific breakthroughs have also found that the formation of wrinkles is thought to be due to changes in the lower layers of your skin where creams and lotions can’t reach, making dietary supplementation a key component of any anti-ageing routine.

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See why people are going crazy for inner beauty

Amazing results!

"My skin has never been so glowy! Its usually pretty dull and can be a little rough. I’m onto week 9 now and I can’t stop. My skin feels super smooth to touch and literally glowing from the inside-out! Even the fine lines near my eyes seem to a lot less obvious! Thank you @rawbeautylab!! Erin xx”


So glad I found you guys!!

“I’m in my early 30s and my skin was starting to show smile lines and just didn’t look as plump and firm as it did in my 20s. I’ve been taking Vegan Collagen for around 11 weeks now and can’t get enough of the stuff!!! My skin is brighter and my smile lines less visible. Best thing is that I feel amazing!! Love the natural ingredients and especially love the taste in hazelnut milk in the mornings”



Love! Love! Love!

"This is the best collagen product I have tried by far!! It not only tastes delicious but my skin looks (and feels) smoother and firmer. I also feel amazing and have a lot more energy! I cannot recommend this product enough!"





Firm + Tone

Scientifically proven by the EU to support collagen production within your skin itself


Smooth fine lines from the inside out + protect skin cells from free radical damage


Support your immune system + metabolism AND reduce fatigue -using ONLY plants