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Target your fine lines with superfoods scientifically proven to smoothen skin

Join thousands of women who are raving about our award-winning Vegan Collagen supplement that has helped reduce wrinkles, smoothen textured skin, and lighten scarring by targetting collagen production deep in the skin dermis where they first appear

  • Helps to build and protect collagen for visibly plumper skin
  • Proven to reduce acne and smoothen fine lines
  • Packed full of wholefood ingredients scientifically researched for their anti-aging and skin smoothening properties

How can you get smoother skin?

Wrinkles are a consequence of collagen loss. Collagen makes up 70% of our skin, holding it up to keep it soft, plump and wrinkle free.

However, we start loosing collagen in our early twenties; by age 50, we’ve lost almost half of it, causing the skin to sag. The good news is, Vegan Collagen Supplements can build up your collagen and make your skin smooth, youthful and glowing again!

Not all collagen supplements will benefit your skin and body

Vegan Collagen can help you smoothen and tighten skin and help your skin naturally glow with nutrients from wholefood ingredients

Raw Beauty Lab’s Vegan Collagen

  •  Helps Build AND protect collagen
  •  No ground up cow or fish bones
  •  Wholefood vitamins 1200% more bioavailable
  •  Minimally processed, preserving nutrient quality
  •  No added sugar, sweeteners or flavours

Other collagen supplements

  •  Only build collagen
  •  Full of raw fish skins and bovine hides
  •  Synthetic vitamins that are poorly absorbed
  •  Heavily processed stripping away any nutrients
  •  Full of sugars and sweeteners to mask the taste of raw animals

The Benefits of Plant Collagen

How Does Plant Based Collagen Work?

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Providing the complete nutrient profile from plants

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With Plant Based Antioxidants & Flavenoids

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To get plump skin and strengthen hair and nails



Reducing wrinkles, texture & pigmentation

Get visible results in just a few weeks

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