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Beauty shouldn't cost the earth

Clean, cruelty-free and sustainable beauty

Plant based sustainable collagen supplements proven to smooth fine lines from the inside out

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Raw Beauty Lab Vegan Collagen Supplement

Planet friendly packaging

Plastic-free Packaging You Can Compost at Home

Our plastic free packaging is designed to minimise waste with compostable mailers and pouches and recyclable cardboard boxes

Vegan collagen in water

Less CO2 Emissions

55x More Environmentally Friendly Than Animal Collagen

Unlike marine and bovine collagen supplements which undergo heavy chemical and industrial processing, our plant based beauty supplement uses only raw free-dried ingredients, drastically cutting down CO2 emissions

sustainable vegan collagen with a tree planted

Save the planet with us

Plant A Tree With Every Order

We have parterned with Trees For The Future to plant a tree in Sub-Sahara Africa for every order. Each tree will absorb over 2 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime and help to counter the effects of global warming in the world's poorest communities.

pink rabbit for vegan collagen that is vegan friendly and cruelty free

Protecting our furry friends

Cruelty-free Beauty

We don’t use any animal ingredients or engage in any form of animal testing whatsover. Instead, we test our products on our founder, Sonia Bainbridge - we swear she doesn’t mind.

vegan collagen with sustainable organicdragonfruit

Giving you the real deal

Wholefood Vitamins - Better For You And The Planet

Most brands take cheap shortcuts and pack their products with synthetic vitamins which have higher CO2 outputs and aren’t as beneficial for you compared to the real deal.

We only use wholefood sourced vitamins and amino acids which are up to 1500% more bioavailable than synthetic vitamins.

The environment is no ones property to destroy; it is everyone's responsibility to protect

Mohith Agadi