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Accelerate Your Results With Vegan Collagen

Get up to 30% off  and visible results after 28 days with a monthly subscription of Vegan Collagen

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Accelerate Your Results With Vegan Collagen

Get up to 30% off a subscription and visible results after 28 days with our best-selling Vegan Collagen

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Vegan Collagen Superfood

Plant-based Beauty Supplement - 30 Serves

Top Rated - As Seen In Women's Health


Transforms skin from the inside-out after 28 days

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What is it:

A wholesome collagen builder packed with beauty vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to protect elastin and build collagen. Just add a scoop of superfood powder to your favourite beverage daily.

Why it's so popular:

  • Vegan Collagen evens skin texture, tightens, and smooths fine lines as well as boosting overall radiance. It also supports healthy nails, hair and joints,

  • 100% pure plants - no synthetic vitamins, sweeteners, stevia or fillers.

  • Unlike bovine or marine collagen, Vegan Collagen does more than just build collagen. It also contains a blend of antioxidant-rich superfoods, proven to lessen wrinkle depth

  • Recyclable and compostable packaging

  • 🌱 1 order = 1 tree 🌱 we'll plant a tree on your behalf which will absorb over 2 tonnes of CO2 in its lifetime.

Get visible results:

Superfood micronutrients proven to reduce wrinkles in women aged 40-65 

See the study

  • BUILD COLLAGEN: Helps to build collagen naturally by providing your body with essential wholefood-sourced building blocks

  • PROTECT COLLAGEN: Our blend of plant-based antioxidants does what animal collagen products can't - it actively helps to protect collagen and elastin fibres, keeping your skin looking younger for longer and keeping premature ageing at bay.

  • SMOOTH FINE LINES: Our superfood blend goes beyond traditional collagen supplements, to harness 5 anti-ageing phytonutrients from plants, proven to help smooth fine lines and tighten skin

  • SKIN, HAIR, NAILS, JOINTS: Powerful antioxidants from wholefoods help to support healthy skin, hair, nails and joints. 

  • WELLNESS: Unlike other brands, we don’t take synthetic shortcuts. We only use wholefood vitamins and nutrients sourced directly from the wholefood matrix. Yes, its more expensive for us but we think your results are worth it and its kinder on your stomach and on the planet. 

    Most beauty supplements use synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid), its cheaper and easier than using real plants but involves highly industrialised processes in factory settings. Instead we use plant-based vitamin C, sourced directly from wholefoods, which has been shown to be 1210% more effective than synthetic alternatives*.

    Each serve contains over 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement directly from superfoods, botanicals and wholeplants. See and feel the difference.

    * Anitra C. Carr and Margreet C. M. Vissers, 2013. Centre for Free Radical Research, University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand

Organic Ingredients:

All our ingredients are gently dried to preserve their micronutrients and minimally processed which makes them up to 1200% more bioavailable than gel and pill formats.   

Ingredients: Organic camu camu powder, organic raspberry powder, pink dragon fruit powder, organic sunflower seed protein powder, organic strawberry powder, organic carrot powder, organic baobab powder, organic beetroot powder, organic inulin powder. 

You’ll never find any sweeteners, stevia, artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives or additives.

Only 14 calories per serve with 2.5g of carbs

Consistent use is important for boosting your results - pick a routine that works for you and add to your preferred beverage or meal daily.

Add 1/2 tablespoon (4g) to;

Add to water or nut milk and mix well

Blend in smoothies or raw baking

Add it to cereals, yogurts or porridge


Energy kJ

Energy kcal

Fat g

Saturated g

Carbohyrdrate g

Sugars g

Fibre g

Protein g

Salt g

Per 100g










Per 4g serve










Amino acid profile*

Alanine 0.45

Arginine 0.62

Aspartic Acid 0.89

Cystine 0.19

Glutamic Acid 1.48

Glycine 0.44

Histidine 0.22

Isoleucine 0.30

Leucine 0.51

Lysine 0.38

Methionine 0.15

Phenylalanine 0.33

Proline 5.50

Serine 4.60

Threonine 6.70

Tryptophan 0.12

Tyrosine 2.60

Valine 5.90


Wholefood nutrients

Vitamin C: 1550mg |1987% NRV per 100g

Vitamin E: 2.45mg | 35% NRV per 100g

Vitamin A: 996ug | 142% NRV per 100g

Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts, sulphured fruits, soya, sesame, eggs, milk, mustard, celery, seeds, and wheat (including gluten) 

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women due to naturally occurring vitamin A.

Weight: 120g, 30 serves

Taste: Berries. Natural, mildly sweet taste


See What Results You Can Expect

You’ll typically see results after 3 months of continuous use, with best results after 6 months. However many customers report visible results as early as 28 days. The speed of your results will depend on your age, your diet and your skin type.  

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