Sonia and Jared Bainbridge, co-founders of Raw Beauty Lab

About Us

Raw Beauty Lab has pioneered the approach of 'ageing backwards' with plant based collagen and has harnessed over 100 years of scientific research to identify powerful anti-ageing superfoods prized for their ability to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and boost wellness.

Founded by former Miss World Australia contender, Sonia Bainbridge and her husband Jared Bainbridge, Raw Beauty Lab seeks to deliver a more natural vegan collagen supplement, as an alternative to synthetic beauty supplements. Its powerful plant-based formulations have also been proven to be more powerful than topical skincreams and serums due to the ability of vegan collagen powder to penetrate the dermis and support collagen production.

Raw Beauty Lab is also passionate about its environmental impact and only uses recyclable kraft packaging, sustainable sourcing and plants 1 tree for every order. All products are also organic, vegan, collagen building and cruelty-free.