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Vegan Collagen Superfood 30 Day Supply

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  • Support your skin’s collagen without resorting to animal products or harmful synthetic ingredients
  • Proven by the EU to support your body’s own production of collagen using only plants
  • Get visible results in as little as 28 days
  • Simple, delicious and easy. Our customers love the fresh, natural raspberry taste of our superfood powder
  • Supports beauty AND wellness – because why shouldn’t you be able to do BOTH!

Some customers report seeing results in as little as a week! Vegan Collagen is scientifically formulated to work at the deepest layers of your skin and up. This means best results will be seen when your skin cells renew. This typically happens every 28 days but may be slightly shorter or longer depending on your age and other lifestyle factors.

To improve results, aim to reduce your sugar and alcohol intake as this breaks down elastic and collagen in your skin. We also recommend regular exercise as this helps to boost your circulation and nutrient delivery to your skin.

What our customer say


"My skin has never been so glowy! Its usually pretty dull and can be a little rough. I’m onto week 9 now and I can’t stop. My skin feels super smooth to touch and literally glowing from the inside-out! Even the fine lines near my eyes seem to a lot less obvious! Thank you @rawbeautylab!! Erin xx"

“I’m in my early 30s and my skin was starting to show smile lines and just didn’t look as plump and firm as it did in my 20s. I’ve been taking Vegan Collagen for around 11 weeks now and can’t get enough of the stuff!!! My skin is brighter and my smile lines less visible. Best thing is that I feel amazing!! Love the natural ingredients and especially love the taste in hazelnut milk in the mornings”


Your skin has two layers- the epidermis and the dermis. Your dermis is the lower and largest layer of your skin. It contains almost all of your collagen and elastin, and is what gives your skin its structure, tone, radiance and firmness. Its also where structural changes and wrinkles first begin to appear before becoming visible in your epidermis. Its exceptionally hard (if not impossible) for skincare products placed on top of your skin to reach your dermis. The best way to nourish the lower part of your skin is from within, not on top. 

Vegan Collagen has been scientifically formulated for visible results and targets the lower layer of your skin to support collagen production as well as protecting skin from free radical damage and the signs of ageing.

Unlike many other beauty supplements, our products don't contain any animal products, synthetic vitamins or shelf life extenders. We are tremendously proud to source the purest plant-based ingredients to support your skin and wellness in the best way possible.

Natural beauty ingredients

RaspberryA potent antioxidant and high in naturally occurring ellagic acid to help combat the signs of ageing

CarrotRich in beta-carotene (which is converted into vitamin A by your body) helps boost skin radiance and smooth fine lines from within

Sunflower seed powder: Anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin E, sunflower seeds help to protect cells from free radical damage (the triggers of extrinsic ageing)

Strawberry: Strawberries contain quercetin and vitamin C which help nourish skin health and boost radiance

LucumaPacked with beta-carotene which encourages skin repair and cell turnover to visibly improve skin tone

Baobab: Its high vitamin C and antioxidant content helps to boost the production of collagen for firmer skin

Camu camu: Rich in Vitamin C, Camu Camu helps restore radiance, reduce the appearance of fine lines and support collagen production for firmer, smoother skin

Pink dragonfruitA rich source of antioxidants which help fight free radicals to slow down the ageing process

Inulin (prebiotic): Beauty starts in the gut. Inulin is a highly regarded prebiotic and is high in fibre to support gut health

Red beetroot: Anti-inflammatory to help with break-outs, beetroot is rich in vitamins and minerals to boost your glow from within


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3 weeks in...

I am already noticing a difference my nails and face; I’m certain that vegan collagen is the reason. I have now set up a monthly subscription on the strength of results so far.

Kate R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great product & support!

I’m a week into taking the collagen & I can notice an improvement to my skin already, especially around my eyes! Will be buying again!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Too early to comment

Quick delivery, nice taste and mixes well. I add to my smoothie bowls. It’s been just over a week and I don’t see any noticeable difference just yet, but I think it is too early to judge either way! I remain hopeful that my skin will clear up, brighten and it will help to reduce the appearance of some pigmentation spots.

Kam M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

My Vegan Collagen Experience after 30 days

I have only been using the Vegan Collagen powder for a month. I have noticed a big difference in my nails, they are much stronger. Some of my nails used to be brittle due to eczema I had on my fingers when I was young. I also noticed a difference with my gut health. My digestion is the best it has been in a long time. I haven't really noticed much difference with my hair and skin but I may have to take it longer to see results. Overall I really like this powder and it tastes so good! I usually add it to my berry smoothies.

Cara O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom