Our Philosophy

We believe beauty, health and wellness is more than just looking great, its about feeling the best version of yourself. Join us, in our pursuit of a beauty, health and wellness revolution as we challenge the industry to change its reliance on synthetic products which do tremendous damage to animals and the planet. Join us, and we can create real change for the better with clean, 100% natural, healthy products with real results and zero compromises.

Let's Change the Conversation

'Natural' means all-natural, right? Wrong. The use of the term 'natural' is unregulated which means you may be buying a product that is loaded with nasty synthetic ingredients... as in, at the moment a product can be 0% natural and still call itself a natural product!

We believe 'natural' should mean '100% natural'!

Join our campaign to challenge the beauty, health and wellness industry to use ingredients which are 100% natural OR to clearly mark the percentage of their ingredients which are not-natural.

Protect People and Planet

The best kind of business is one that helps people without destroying the planet. We are completely dedicated to changing the beauty, health and wellness industry to better protect people by selling superior 100% natural products instead of the potentially dangerous and highly synthetic products currently available; and to better protect our planet through 100% natural and cruelty free products which don't harm animals or the environment.

Beyond Skin Deep

Raw Beauty Lab is a beauty, health and wellness startup dedicated to changing the industry to be more sustainable, more healthy and more honest with its customers. We think beauty, health and wellness is more than skin deep. It is about looking and feeling the best version of yourself. This is why we’ve developed a 100% natural superfood supplement which supports your skin, hair, nails, joints, energy and wellness; supporting you to do more of the things you love the way you love to do them.

Results you can see and feel

We believe in using the most premium 100%-natural ingredients that have been proven to work consistently throughout decades of scientific research. Our products leverage the best of science and the best of the plant world to create genuine results that you can see and feel.

Our Story

Growing up in small beachside Australian town, we've been blessed with access to beautiful fresh produce and local ingredients our whole lives. Although it wasn't until adulthood that we realised the impact this has on both skin and wellness.

Sonia was previously a Runner-up for Miss World Australia and through her time in the competition was exposed to many of the dubious practices of the beauty industry - from products that simply didn't work to products laced with unpronounceable chemical names and questionable health effects.

We knew there must be a better approach, that didn't compromise health but also didn't compromise on results.

Armed with our love of natural, plant-based ingredients, Jared's business backgrouund, our MBAs from Oxford University and Sonia's background in pharmacology, we sought to develop a skin-focused whole of body health and wellness product that is 100%-natural, organic, free of toxins and artificial ingredients or shelf-life extenders of any kind.

Our objective was simple: create a formula that delivers visible results whilst also being 100% toxin‑free, 100% cruelty free and using 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Our focus is on people and planet first and our goal is to shift the conversation away from skin-deep beauty to look beyond the surface and celebrate products that also support energy and wellness without compromise.