Why Vegan Collagen is more effective than Marine or Bovine Collagen

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you think of when you hear the world ‘collagen’ is ‘animal-based’. Your second thought is likely ‘what alternatives are there for Vegans and are they as effective?’ Well as luck turns out, plant-based collagen alternatives are actually more effective than their animal counterparts at firming and smoothing skin AND deliver a whole host of incredible wellness benefits.

Animal-based collagen products definitely dominant the market at the moment. However there are conflicting results over the efficacy of these supplements as collagen tends to be absorbed by your gut before it can ever reach your skin, let alone deliver visible results. Animal-based products also are prone to include contaminants. Dr. Mark Moyad, the Director of Preventative and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan, has expressed concerns about the presence of harmful heavy metals like copper and arsenic in animal-based collagen supplements. These are typically made of the ground hoofs and bones of animals and may also contain by-products of factory farming such as pesticides and herbicides which accumulate in animal bones.

So what about the Vegan alternatives and do they actually work? Vegan Collagen Builders take a very different approach. They don’t actually include collagen but instead include specific plant-based vitamins and nutrients that provide the building blocks for your body to produce its own collagen (hence they get past the gut absorption problem faced by animal collagen products). 


Three of the mind blowing ways our Vegan Collagen superfood transforms your skin in ways that animal-based collagen can’t include;

  1. Proven by the EU to support the production of collagen by your body itself
  2. Help smooth, firm and tone skin from the lowest layers and up - reaching where skin creams and serums can’t.
  3. Your daily vitamin C requirement sourced entirely from plants to support your overall wellness as well as providing your skin with protection against free radical damage and premature ageing 

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